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Monday, September 26

B's Monday Review: Sherlock Holmes - Murder at Sorrow's Crown

It is July 1881, and a frantic mother comes to 221B Baker Street, begging Sherlock Holmes to find her son. A naval officer posted to HMS Dido, he was part of the Naval Brigade that joined the Natal Field Force to fight the Boers. But he did not return with his men, and is being denounced as a deserter.

So begins a twisting tale of assassination, diamond mines and military cover-ups. Can Holmes and Watson uncover the truth, a truth that threatens the very fabric of the British Empire? 

My thoughts:
You know what, I have actually never read a book about Sherlock Holmes. Ok one, but let us not count the monster one. There might have been another mashup too.

I imagine you know about Sherlock Holmes, if not, then you are kind of living under a rock. I am not gonna explain him. He is eccentric, to say the least.

And then there is Watson, and they do compliment each other so well.

This mystery is about a mother wanting answers. And they dig deep and it gets complicated. There is the Boer war, political intrigues and conspiracies. All while trying to find out what happened to a soldier...

I enjoyed the book. It was light, there were a good mystery and Holmes and Watson is quite the pair.
  • Paperback, 320 pages
  • Published September 13th 2016 by Titan Books
  • Historical mystery
  • For review

Saturday, September 24

Book Review: The Lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory

Author: Philippa Gregory
Title: The Lady of the Rivers (The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels #1)
Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance, and Fantasy
Pages: 502
First Published: September 2011
Where I Got It: Borrow from library

Jacquetta, daughter of the Count of Luxembourg and kinswoman to half the royalty of Europe, was married to the great Englishman John, Duke of Bedford, uncle to Henry VI. Widowed at the age of 19, she took the extraordinary risk of marrying a gentleman of her household for love, and then carved out a new life for herself. 

I truly have a love-hate relationship with this author. I either like her books or I hate them. There are a couple that fall in between. Sometimes the authors bends the historical facts too much and sometimes she does a good job. I think she does have a bias against some characters and she bends them too much for my liking. 

Now, this story follows Jacquetta who is very underrated as a historical figure. She really intrigues me whenever she pops up. I find her story interesting. She is forced to marry an older man who dies. She gets his title and all that. Instead of marrying within in station, she marries a man who use to work for her late hubbie. Which this man is WAYYYYYYYYYYYY below her station. Very interesting for the times. What is even more interesting is that the king at the time quickly forgives her and her husband. Too quickly, but the king was a a decent man in some aspects.

In this version of the story, the author plays on the fact that Jacquetta was accused of being a witch and does make her have some supernatural powers like telling the future. Very interesting take to actually have her have visions and whatnot. I liked it, but I didn't really care for her first hubbie approving of these powers and trying to use them for his gain. At the time, I don't think he would have approved of her powers and would have screamed witch. 

This was a fun book to read, because I liked the characters. However, there were SO MANY LULLS and nothing happening that I legit fell asleep a couple of times. I feel that there should have been some POV changes when Jacquetta was at home giving birth to her millionth child. Yes, the woman was a freakin' rabbit! xI But yes, sooooo many lulls that I did a lot of skimming.  

The ending dragged on and on and on. The ending was cliff-hangerish if you do not know your history. And I get why she did that, because the story is not over yet. 

In the end, I liked this. However, it was slow moving and the ending never ended. I am curious in reading the next book. This wasn't great, but it was okay. Out of five stars, I shall stamp this with 3. 

Wednesday, September 21

Book/Play Review: Antigone by Sophocles

Author: Sophocles
Title: Antigone (The Theban Plays #3)
Genre: Fantasy, Classic, Drama, & Play
Pages: ebook
First Published: 441 BC
Where I Got It: My Shelf (Bought a copy at B&N)

The daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta, Antigone is an unconventional heroine who pits her beliefs against the King of Thebes in a bloody test of wills that leaves few unharmed. Emotions fly as she challenges the king for the right to bury her own brother. Determined but doomed, Antigone shows her inner strength throughout the play.

Antigone raises issues of law and morality that are just as relevant today as they were more than two thousand years ago. 

This is the third part of the Oedipus trilogy. However, Oedipus is dead and now leaves his curse upon all his children. His sons' are fighting each other over the throne which causes both of them to die. Antigone and her sister are left to carry the curse now and deal with. The new King refuses to let them bury the dead. So in perfect tragedy fashion, Antigone says FU and does it anyways, which signs her own death warrant. 

This, honestly, was the best of the three plays. I liked Antigone and her loyalty to her cursed family is beautiful. She loves her dad and mom even though they cursed them. 

I felt bad for Antigone's fiance, because he is in a difficult position. He loves his father (which is the new King) and Antigone defied his father. Poor guy. 

The new King is an idiot. SMH! FOOL! He deserves the curse that was given to him in the end. 

I feel this story was a huge influence over Shakespeare and his works. This felt very Shakespearean even though it come out centuries before Shakespeare was even alive. I'm not sure if good ol' Billy was influence by Sophocles works, but after reading this, I felt like maybe he was. 

This play brings up lots of moral and ethical questions. Which I love when stories make me think!

My only complaint is the chorus parts. Like...I still don't understand who/what they are suppose to represent? Are they ghosts? Or just spectators who happen to be in the room? They don't really do anything to help move the story along in my opinion. 

In the end, this was the best of the three plays, in my opinion. It had a lot going on, but it was done in a way where its easy to know who's who and whats going on. I loved the brief romance and I loved the aspect that this really makes you think. In the end, I will stamp it with 4 stars. 

Monday, September 19

Blodeuedd's Monday Review: Merry Cowboy Christmas by Carolyn Brown

'Tis the night before Christmas and all through the house is the presence of one wickedly hot cowboy who's come to stay for the holiday. Fiona Logan is downright shocked to return to her childhood home and find that the tall blond stranger who came to her rescue on an icy road will be sleeping just across the hall from her bedroom. Talk about temptation . . .

Jud Dawson never believed the Lucky Penny Ranch would live up to its name until now. Fiona is gorgeous, smart, funny, and everything he thought he'd never find. Now all he has to do is convince her to stick around town instead of hightailing it back to Houston. But with wild weather, nosy neighbors, and a new baby in the family, getting her to admit that she's falling in love might just take a Christmas miracle. 

My thoughts:
You can not go wrong with Carolyn Brown's cowboy books. Sassy heroines, good food, great small town, and cowboys looking for love. All wrapped up in a sweet package.

It works perfectly as a stand alone, even if it is book 3, and yes the couples from before are in it, and friends and family. But this is Judd and Fiona's romance after all.

Fiona is the last Logan sister and she comes home after her failed marriage. She is the one who does not want to stay in this small town.

Jud is the last Lucky Penny owner to arrive, the lucky one. But oh oh, they must share the house together!

Aww sweet romance. They do like each other from the start, as friends that is. And it grows into more. The real question is can he make her stay?

And during the sweetness of it all, we have some passion too, friends and family coming by, and a certain couple from the last book that made me soo mad! But it is time for redemption. Everyone can change, and it felt believable.

Sweet and now I want it to be Christmas and I would love to spend it with these folks.


Paperback, 336 pages
Expected publication: September 27th 2016 by Forever
Lucky Penny Ranch #3
Contemporary romance