Cool Bathroom Floor Tiles To Flaunt Your Style and Complement Your Ultimate Comfort!

Posted on October 02, 2017 by Nora Rivers

It took much time when bathrooms became a place of relaxation and comfort. Earlier they used to be the barely practical part of our homes which wasn't as important as living room for instance. Nowadays bathroom is considered to be a piece of luxury the homeowners can boast about. It should be admitted that all aspects of this space is done up in the most practical and stylish way, but the most essential part of each bathroom is the tiling.

Tiles has many advantages while being used in the bathroom. Bathroom floor tiles are practical for its endurance, resistance to dampness and of course, ease of cleaning, more We should also remember about the grip and safety provided by the tiles when we walk on them.

Choosing the tile for your bathroom should be relevant step in renovating your room, as it sets the character for the whole space. Usually most of people use cream or beige tones of tiles for their floors. If you want to stand out of the crowd and enjoy yourself with something unique, try abstract flooring pattern or a deep tile color.

What is the most common tiling for bathrooms? Most of the people use ceramic tiling and it is understandably why. The most important reasons for using this material is because of its durable, easy cleaning, water-resistant, fire-proof, keep their color for years and best of all, are opposing to the most chemical agents being used in our baths. If you add an abrasive grit to the glaze, their slip-resistance will increase. Ceramic tiles has great variety of colors, compositions and patterns.

It is worth to admit, that colors play great role in improving the ambience and perception of the space. If you want your room look smaller, use dark colors. To the contrary, for those who prefer more space, the light and neutral shades will definitely bring the extra radiance to your bathroom.

Don't be afraid to experiment with warm colors like peach or light yellow, they bring some contemporary element to your bathroom. Try to avoid hospital room-like plain colors.

If you belong to romantic people, experiment with floral patterns in tiles with soft colors like pink, light blue or light green which will add the kind of soothing, amorous feel that we need in our bathrooms after a long tiring day.

A great assortment of different variants is offered to the homeowners nowadays. It is important to look at other popular flooring too, but not only at ceramic ones. It should be mentioned about the vinyl tiles, which have been around throughout the last century, much before the ceramic ones became popular. They are affordable not less than ceramic ones. The advantages of vinyl tiles are almost the same as of the ceramic: they are also affordable, water-resistant and have self-adhesive backs which makes them easiest to install.

For those who want to have a piece of luxury in their homes, porcelain tiles are the best decision. Being extremely expansive, they are heated at higher temperature than ceramic ones. It is possible to purchase them in colorful shades and styles.

The tiling industry is famous for its glass tiles. They have made a recent entry to the process of the tiling. It should be mentioned, that glass tiles have become increasingly popular because of its higher resistance to molds and a shine which is superior to that of porcelain or ceramic.

Unfortunately, glass tiles can be afforded and installed only by wealthy homeowners. The perfect choices for bathroom floors also are natural Stones like granite, marble and slate. They are extremely expensive but at the same time they are worth of it. They are durable and resistant to moisture too and give the classiest finishes. They demand proper protection and care.