Substitution of Torsion Spring in Garage Door

Posted on June 28, 2017 by Nora Rivers

You have got to know that the torsion spring on your garage door is not working anymore? You think of substitution? What you are to understand is that this is not really a DIY project. Substitution of the garage door torsion spring may turn out to be not an easy task to be fullfilled.

Why can not it be considered a DIY project? The reason is evident: there is a great risk connected with danger in this process. During this procedure there were some accidents leading to maiming or even the death of DIY enthusiasts who were not cautious enough.

The approximate cost of this spring replacement is 200 dollars. What for do we need to pay such a sum? A bigger part of producers do not care to sell substitution springs to end users. The reason of that is partly wish to prevent home-owners from any accidents during this process of installation by do-it-yourself admirers. At the same time one more reason is wish of the manufacturers "protect dealers", considered to be the main one.

So what about 200 dollars, how all the information connected together? What is a fact is dealers only sell torsion springs for substitution when you actually address them to apply the necessary elements. The springs themselves will be about 88 dollars a pair while all the rest - is the cost of installation service work.

If you still didn't refuse from finding replacement garage door torsion springs, be ready for a process of search. You may stop it actually on eBay and thanks to various dealers. Be sure to know what exactly you need. Exact measures of the old torsion springs will be necessary. First, check the size of overall length of each spring. A good idea here is to measure the relaxed spring. Keep in mind that a tensed spring is typically 1 inch longer than a relaxed one. The second step is to measure the inside diameter of the coils. Take into account that you should measure the hole and not the coil itself. The third is to check the wire size. In what way should it be done? The simplest approach is to measure a stack of ten coils and then divide the measurement by ten.

If you know these sizes, you will be able to order the suitable torsion spring substitution you require.

One important detail here is if the springs are right -wound or left-wound. This factor may become crutial in the springs usage later.

Look at the spring from the axial. Remember that if the wire goes in a clockwise direction, it is right-wound, if the wire goes vice versa, it is left-wound.The simplest method you can search for a garage door replacement torsion spring if you don't want any extra expenses would be through the internet. Check eBay where much odd DIY stuff is available. One more option here is to connect with a friend working in the door trade and ask about substituion of the necessary springs you specify. But you see that serious contacts are necessary for that. In general we can say that garage door torsion springs substituion just needs you to learn exactly what is required. If you want to limit your financial expenses, you must desire to go to some lengths to obtain it.